The VR Experts

The VR Experts

Step into the Virtual Reality
The VREXPERTS professional software-developement team will help You, so that you can show your dreams to your partners, customers or visitros!
Set free your imagination
... and ask for our help,
to create a realy fantastic
world for you!
Our Solutions
What may await you in virtual reality?
  • Virtual tour
  • Roam in virtual spaces! Walk around in places where you can't get to in real life! A building under construction? Unreachable places, historic locations? Restricted plant areas? In virtual reality, all of these are accessible!
  • 3D movie
  • Thanks to the fantastic realism of 360 degree videos you can truly feel that you're in the theatre!
  • Simulator
  • Fly a commercial airplane, sit in the seat of a F1 racecar, learn to operate complex machinery, get to know the knack of safe driving.
  • VR Games
  • Live through exciting adventures in virtual reality and discover a completely new game play experience!
  • VR School
  • The classroom of the 21st century is open for you! The complex, expensive experiments are accessible and repeatable for anyone, anywhere.
  • Showroom
  • Show your product for your shoppers in virtual space! Complete lifelikeness and funcionality, just like if you were holding it in your own hands!

You think of the idea.

We accomplish it.


An idea Dream a new world,
and don't limit
your imagination!

A team Our experienced team
is ready to
design and develope it
for you!

A tool We select and get
the most optimal
tools for the finished

Guest opinions

Our latest developement in 2015 was for the Egis pharmaceutical company, debuted in Madriban at the CPhI exhibition, and was a great hit among visitors!

Have a look at the enthusiastic responses!
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If You too are thinking in VR solutions, for your visitors center, museum, exhibition or stand, write us, so we can invent and create a solution together, that will give you guaranteed success among your partners and guests!